About Us

Located in suburban Carefree near Phoenix, Arizona, SkyRanch at Carefree occupies a special place in the high Sonoran desert. Established in 1957 by a local group interested in establishing a quiet and low key resort community about 20 miles north of Scottsdale, Carefree is an incorporated township having an area of about 7.5 square miles and is abutted by Scottsdale to the East and South and Cave Creek to the West. Its incorporating documents prevent the Town of Carefree from building schools and levying property taxes.

Carefully zoned to ensure the protection of property values, Carefree has a population of about 3,000 people which will grow to no more than 6,000 when fully built out. The Town Center contains a full range of stores, boutiques and restaurants all conveniently located for shopping ease around six acres of xeriscaped desert gardens. Department stores including Nordstroms and Saks and a full range of luxury shops are conveniently located in central Scottsdale, a 30 minute drive away.

Located within minutes of a number of extraordinary golf and residential communities including The Boulders, Desert Mountain, Mirabel and Whisper Rock, SkyRanch at Carefree is a community of about 62 patio homes ranging from 1700 to 2200 square feet as well as a number of individually designed unattached residences. An aerial view of the area can be seen at Google Earth. Enter Pima Road and Cave Creek Road, AZ.

Generally, the patio homes are built in groups of three with each three-residence pod carefully positioned to maximize views and the residents’ privacy. Plans for each of the three prize winning designs are included in this website.

Designed by the eminent architect Jim Roberts of the professionally acclaimed Phoenix architectural firm Roberts Jones LLC, the homes at SkyRanch at Carefree are Mr. Roberts’ contemporary interpretation of traditional southwestern design and liberally incorporate viga and latilla construction features. In addition to the homes at SkyRanch, Mr. Roberts has also worked extensively using similar designs at Desert Mountain and produced exceptional residences in Carefree and other areas of the desert Southwest.

SkyRanch at Carefree is located adjacent to the private SkyRanch Airpark and Carefree Airpark Estates. About one third of the SkyRanch at Carefree residents are also members of the SkyRanch Flight Association and have hangers housing their private aircraft close by.

SkyRanch at Carefree has a community manager and is governed by a Board of Directors all of whom are residents. The SkyRanch community is governed by a thoughtful set of Terms and Conditions and is ably represented by local legal and accounting firms.

The walled and gated community has a swimming pool complex which in addition to a 20,000 gallon pool includes a pool ramada, kitchen and barbecue facilities as well as shower facilities and rest rooms.

Of the total 150 acres that the community occupies, 40 acres are common areas which act to protect residents from blocked views and provide the necessary space for increased privacy. The common areas and the exterior land of residences is maintained by community landscape staffing. Maintenance of residents’ interior property can be available from that staff at modest cost.

The Association’s Board of Directors maintains up to date reserve studies which project maintenance and replacement requirements for the SkyRanch at Carefree infrastructure. The Association’s maintenance reserve is funded to match infrastructure investment scheduled pursuant to the reserve studies and is conservatively invested. Quarterly dues cover the regular expenses of the homeowner’s association, principally, the maintenance of all hardscape, roads, pool and common areas including landscape and irrigation systems.